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Relevance of Archives of IT

Whatever you call it – Information Technology(IT), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Informatics, Computing, Computer Science – the development and application of devices and software to calculate, control and communicate has influenced virtually every aspect of everyone’s life at an ever increasing pace over the last 70 years.

  • According to data from the Office of National Statistics Labour Force Survey presented in the February 2016 report from the Tech Partnership, there were 1.75m people working in the Tech Industry in the UK in 2015 out of an estimated 31m people in employment
  • Of the 1.75m working in the Tech Industry, some 1.1m were employed in Technology Businesses, the remainder having technology roles in non-tech businesses
  • The largest sub-sector of the Tech Industry is IT services and software which employs 63% of the 1.1m Technology Business employees, followed by Telecoms at 18% and Sales/Distribution at 11%. Technology Manufacturing represented 6% and Games just 2%
  • According to data from the Office of National Statistics Survey presented in the March 2015 report from the Tech Partnership the Tech Industry contributed £91.1Bn to the UK economy in 2014
  • Of this some £53.1bn came from the Software and Services sub-sector, £25.9Bn from telecoms, £11.6bn from manufacturing and retail and just £0.5bn from games
  • The Gross Value Add (GVA) per person in the Technology Sector is £91.800 compared with an average of £51,300 for workers in all sectors
  • The Gross Value Add (GVA) grew by 10% in 2012-13, three times faster than the UK industry GVA as a whole

The archive is relevant in the fields of computing, engineering, economics, business, history, sociology, media and design and many other aspects of our lives where IT has driven change in education, employment, defence, healthcare and government

Teaching and Learning

Our growing archive particularly addresses the contribution of individuals who shaped the industry and societal and economic aspects of its impact,.  See links below to our material.  As a educator or academic researcher you may find it useful in a number of ways

  • Our timeline charts important events in the development of technology, helping students to understand how our economy and industry has developed
  • Personal accounts of industry leaders inspire and inform students and develop aspiration
  • Stories of technological achievement set the context for today’s use of technology, including computer engineering, games, programming and a whole host of applications.
  • Our material is particularly useful as a resource for self-directed learning at all ages, as students explore stories of how people developed ideas, companies grew and an industry was founded and evolved. We would like to hear about and showcase your projects and material. Contact us at