Sir Peter Rigby

Sir Peter Rigby left school and joined the computer industry working for NCR, Honeywell and the Diebold consultancy.  He was a programmer who went into sales.  It was not until he was 32 in 1975 that he started with £2,000 of his own money and launched SCR, a recruitment agency for IT staff.   Seven years later he sold the company for £1 million.  He ploughed the cash back into growing IT enterprises with his eye always on developing a large organisation.  He has successfully developed his group of companies to become a major player in computer services in the UK and France.  He has kept the company privately owned by his family in order to preserve the values he sees as vital in business.  Today he took the time to welcome Richard Sharpe to his office in Stratford Upon Avon and talk about his life and career; in doing so he became our 100th interviewee!