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The History of IT

A timeline of the history of IT and Tech in the UK

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Current Developments

Find interviews, blogs and other resources from Archives of IT about current developments in IT and Tech, and subjects that are in the news such as AI, Quantum and autonomous vehicles.

A man sat at a desk using a PC and fitting a man using a wheelchair with a bionic arm

Tech for Good

Scientists, technologists and medics talk here about how they’ve used computing data and communications in medicine to understand more about biology and develop new Tech, making a real difference to people’s lives.

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Entrepreneurs and investment

Interviewees and bloggers discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, and how this kind of investment has benefitted the development of tech and the economy.


Find out more from our archives about tech achievements in security and defence, and the role IT has to play.

Diversity and Inclusion

A selection of interviews from our archive talking about diversity and inclusion in the IT and tech workplace

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Iconic Companies

Some companies stand out as pivotal to the development of the industry.  Many of our interviewees worked in those businesses and through them shaped the changes in the economy and society that Tech has brought about.

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Modernising industry

Watch interviews with people involved with IT and tech modernisation of government and industry, and discover archives that document this fascinating progress.

A young woman in a grey shirt with long brown hair using a laptop in a factory setting. She is designing a car using CAD - the car image is on the screen.

Science and engineering

Discover more about the application of IT to research and development, and how industry policy has affected the progress of Tech.

A man in a suit holding a vintage mobile telephone in front of the BT tower in the 1980s.

The Networked Society

A selection of interviews and blogs showing how increasing connectivity through Tech is transforming society, business and the way we live our lives.


At AIT we have interviewed a wide range of people working in IT and tech, from local government to special advisors. Click through to find out more about how IT has shaped government in the UK.