Human Computer Interface

The story of how HCI evolved from the early years of computing in the 1950s to today’s world of Graphical User Interfaces and interactive displays used by billions of people.

Quantum Computing

Sir Peter Knight thinks that a powerful quantum computer is a decade away, with the potential to break the internet. Find out more in his interview.

Where is AI taking us?

Interviews from eight thought leaders in our archives share views on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its future impact on our way of life.

Stories of the Internet from the pioneers who made it happen

Looking through our archive we map many of the internet’s significant developments from initial ideas to tests as well as its commercialisation, initial uses and benefits, risks to society and current developments

The Cray XC40 supercomputer installed at Exeter

Supercomputers and the Met Office: at the forefront of weather and climate science

Through the personal accounts of Archivist, Catherine Ross, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect, Martyn Catlow, Tech Director and CIO, Charlie Ewen and IT Fellow, Chris Little we get an encapsulating story of both the Met Office’s history and the history of computing  

English Electric KDF9 (Lyons Electronic Office) Magnetic Tape Reader, Bracknell, 1966

The Met Office and supercomputers: a fascinating timeline

The Met Office was established in 1854 and today is at the forefront of critical weather services and world-leading climate science using powerful computers. Here we present a fascinating timeline of key events in its technological journey