Women in IT - a changing picture?

Dr Tom Abram wonders what, if anything, has really changed for women in the last 50 years, in terms of a career in IT.

Much more than Apple Pie

Dr Mike Short looks back at the launch of the iPhone 15 years ago.

Looking Back at New Years Past

Richard Sharpe, interviewer for AIT & longtime journalist looks back at IT news from 1985 and the year 2000.

Mirrors of the Future

Michael Mainelli looks at what we could have learned from the Butler Cox papers and what they missed entirely.

Back to the Future

Jim Norton gives a retrospective on the Butler Cox Foundation’s July 1989 paper –“ Pan-European Communications: Threats and Opportunities”

Taking Account of the Unforeseeable

Mark Jones reflects on what we can learn from how the forecasts of 30 years ago turned out.

Douglas Engelbart and his 1968 vision of the Human Computer Interface

On 9 December 1968 “The Mother of all demonstrations” showed the world how the mouse would transform our relationship with computers