AIT and IET collaborate on curriculum-based digital resources 


Archives of IT (AIT) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have agreed a collaboration on classroom resources for primary school teachers to deliver the computer science curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 (Years 1 to 6) in a series of one hour lessons.

The free resources will engage 5-11-year-olds by applying technology to cross-curricular, creative fun activities and the first tranche, just released, teach young students how tech has changed how we make, share and store art today.

Each resource includes downloadable activity sheets – that are fully editable so they can be tailored to students’ and school requirements – as well as teachers’ notes, useful web links and curriculum links, where appropriate, to the national curriculum in each of the four devolved UK nations.

The topics covered are:

• Digital Painting
Introduction to digital art: Learners will develop an understanding of Piet Mondrian’s abstract geometric art and use paint software to create their own art.

• Coding Games
Developing the ability to use code: Learners will design and create their own computer game in Scratch then play and swap with friends.

• Audio Editing
Developing communication skills: Learners will develop an understanding of the reasons for interviewing and how to carry out, record and edit an interview.

• Animation
An introduction to using technology to create an animation: Learners will develop an understanding of thaumatropes, one of the earliest forms of animation, and create an optical illusion of motion through a series of their own drawings.

• Digital Photography
Introduction to the concept of digital art: Learners will develop an understanding of some terms used in graphics and art, how to capture digital pictures, and how to edit digital pictures.

Creating opportunities for young people

One of AIT’s core values is education and we achieve this by creating opportunities for young people through lesson plans and activities for teachers geared to young students whatever their background.

Katie Anderson, AIT’s Education Consultant, said: “AIT is building our own IT curriculum for teachers to access for free, and we hope this collaboration gives teachers the confidence and freedom to use them in their classrooms.”

Education is also one of IET’s five strategic themes and builds towards its aim of significantly increasing the number of quality engineers entering the workforce.

Improving students’ digital literacy

David Lakin, IET Head of Education, Safeguarding & Education Policy said The IET was delighted to have worked closely with Archives of IT to create these exciting new resources that will take students on a journey to improving their digital literacy using computers and technologies both in school and at home.

“As we quickly move into a digital world, digital skills have now not only become essential for daily life, but a key component for employers who are looking for digital literacy skills when recruiting to support their skill needs of the future,” he said.

“This is why it is vital that we play our part in preparing young people for a future with digital literacy skills from navigating computer hardware to troubleshooting to writing their own computer code – all of which can be found in these fun and engaging resources.

“There are also links to Art and History when learners can look at abstract geometric art and then create their own computer art, as well as learning how to capture and edit digital images.

“Together with the Archives of IT, we want young people to experience and explore the opportunities digital literacy and skills can bring with the exciting potential of engineering a better world for all of us.”

Exlpore the free digital literacy resources.