Stephanie Bazeley

Stephanie Bazeley is a senior programmer and co-founder of Team Junkfish.  Stephanie joined a group of friends to launch the company while she was studying for her Computer Games Technology degree at the University of Abertay, Dundee.

Iain Compton

Iain Compton has 25 years experience in the games industry and is currently Lead System Designer at Jagex. Listen to his interview to gain a fascinating insight into the world of games design – who knew there were so many rules – and learn how to turn your passion for gaming into a career.

Luke Hale

Luke Hale thinks that anyone who enjoys games should consider a job in the games industry. The span of jobs is so huge, whatever your skill is, whatever you personally really enjoy doing it’s almost certainly something that be can used in the games industry. It’s a myth that there are jobs out there that are sitting playing video games all day, but there are some that come pretty close.

Jo Twist

Dr Jo Twist has been CEO of Ukie since 2012. Before this she was Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Education, where she commissioned Digital Emmy-winning Battlefront II, free to play browser and iOS games, (Sweatshop, Nomnation and International Racing Squirrels) and social media projects. She’s a London Tech Ambassador, a VP of Special Effect, and on various boards and advisory groups, including the Bafta Games Committee.

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