Geoff Squire

This 90 minutes in the company of Geoff Squire is a delightfully engaging account of 50 years of the UK IT industry, from machine code to $Bn companies.  Geoff learnt arithmetic and the value of pounds, shillings and pence at an early age doing sums upside down over his father’s shoulder.  University was never an option but interest in numbers led on to jobs in programming and thence to growing roles in ICL.

He is perhaps most famous for establishing Oracle in the UK with an opportunistic pitch to Larry Ellison.  Subsequently Geoff led Veritas to a Y2K $75Bn market cap.  In recent years Geoff has focused, with his wife Fiona, on their grant giving charity and he serves as Chairman of Give as You Live Ltd, a technology company dedicated to raising money for UK charities.

Geoff’s interview will be on the website in May.
Geoff Squire on Pounds, Shillings & Pence

Geoff Squire on Veritas Y2K Market Cap

Geoff Squire on Oracle UK