Iain Johnston and Chris Hurst of Blackwired

Iain Johnston (above left) and Chris Hurst (above right) are the top team of Blackwired, which brings a military philosophy to defending nations and enterprises against threats from the Dark Web.  Chris brings a lifelong interest in computers and lessons learned as CSIO in BT, while Iain contributes the experience of a military career more recently applied to Cyber.

In this interview they describe the fundamentals of the Dark Web and the activities within its industrial complex before moving on to illustrate its significance to the critical activities of commerce and Government.  Cyber was officially recognised by the Pentagon in 2010 as a fifth theatre of war, raising the profile of the threat but also introducing new ethical questions about when and how to use the weapons of that war.  The interview illustrates, with examples, the potency of the threat from the Dark Web and what the emerging industry of cyber countermeasures can do to protect us all.

Iain and Chris were interviewed by Jane Bird.

Blackwired on Cyber, the 5th theatre of war

Blackwired on Dark Web Industries

Blackwired on What Can be Done