Interview with Alan Burkitt-Gray

Alan Burkitt-Gray became a journalist covering technology after a degree in electronics and physics at Leeds University. A stint as a surveyor asking people questions made him realise that journalism was the way forward after working in a radar factory for GEC.

He was trained as a journalist and one of his early stories got the man he quoted sacked. He catalogued the collapse of the UK electronics industry through its dependence on cost-plus defence contracts rather than using those contracts to tackle consumer markets as did the US companies. He worked as a news editor and deputy editor on Computing during the rise of the microcomputer and the advent of the personal computer. He moved to cover telecommunications and covered the demise of Nokia as the main mobile phone supplier. He also investigated the concerns about Chinese telecommunications-equipment vendors including Huawei and others and has found no evidence from any sources that its technology contains any threat to security. In fact telecommunications network operators “love Huawei”, he says.

Alan Burkitt-Gray was interviewed by Richard Sharpe for Archives of IT.