Interview with Alistair Fulton

When it comes to a career in IT, Alistair says: “I would say, go for it.  I think there are tremendous opportunities.  It’s not a single career.  I think there are, there are many career directions one can go within the whole brand of IT.  And, there are opportunities to carve out your own niche and make a name for yourself in our industry.  I think it’s a wonderful place to be.” 

Jonathan Sinfield met up with Alistair Fulton, founding Managing Director of Triad Group Plc*.  Alistair reveals how the assets of a liquidated company purchased for £15,000 were utilised to raise £35m some eight years later in a successful IPO.  He also shines a light on his efforts in South East Asia to promote the UK IT industry through British Business Councils & his ongoing commitment with Enabled City in the disability sector.

*a major IT Consultancy, Software Developer and Resource Provider

Alistair’s Philippine website:  http://philippinebritish.com/chairmen/alistair-fulton/