Interview with Andy Green

Andy Green has been a major figure in the IT and Telecoms industry since the mid-1980s, holding senior positions and notably influencing the development of two iconic British entities, BT and Logica across 30 years.  Since leaving Logica in 2012 Andy has had roles in important entities in space and telecoms technology and the creation of the UK Government Digital Catapult.   

Having started his career at Shell, Andy Green joined BT and began simplifying prices for hundreds of different phone models. He then tackled faulty payphones, a massive cause of public dissatisfaction in the days before mobiles were widespread. Contrary to popular belief, BT was an incredibly fast-moving high tech business, says Andy, automating exchanges and introducing “revolutionary” monthly charging for dial-up internet, while most companies charged by the minute. The company’s grew its share of the broadband market from 10 per cent to 60 per cent.  After the dotcom bust, in 2001 Andy took over Global Services, turning the business around from losing £500m a year to become cash positive and building it into BT’s biggest division.

Andy moved to Logica, which he wanted to make a UK IT services champion.  He was disappointed that it was sold to CGI, the Canadian company, but viewed it as the right thing for the business.

Andy is now involved with mobile phones in Africa, which he says are “transforming lives like nothing else”. He feels enormously optimistic that technology will continue to improve lives and achieve change for the good.

Andy Green was interviewed by Jane Bird for Archives of IT and the full interview should be available next month.

Andy Green on BT Internet

Andy Green on Logica

Andy Green on Net Zero Optimism

Andy Green on Telco Shareholder Value



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