Interview with Dr Andrew Rogoyski

Dr Andrew Rogoyski, Director of Innovation and Partnerships at the Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI, trained as an astrophysicist. He did pioneering work in X-ray and laser-generated plasmas at Kings College, London, for his doctorate. His first computer was a BBC Micro which he programmed in BBC Basic to control external devices using the to micro’s port. He worked in Logica for 11 years where he developed AI techniques using early neural networks for signal and image processing. 

He spent the next 13 years in five companies in the UK. These included Charteris, a government-focused consultancy practice. These included advising on the best ways to deliver complex IT systems on budget. This gave him valuable insights into why large IT projects often fail. He moved back to Logica, now renamed CGI, and worked in cybersecurity for space and defence clients. 

Dr Rogoyski joined the AI Institute at Surrey in 2020 from where he makes numerous sallies into the wider world to comment on the development of AI. He has experienced several winters where interest in AI has nearly evaporated but is excited to now be in a summer of interest as big tech pours fortunes into development, some fruitful and some futile.