Interview with Dr Hermann Hauser

Dr Hermann Hauser is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and inventor. Born in Vienna, Austria he studied at Cambridge University gaining a PhD in Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory and fell in love with the city.

Hauser’s first company was the Cambridge Processor Unit Ltd, formed in 1977.  A year later he and Chris Curry launched Acorn Computers and later merged the two companies.

They produced the BBC Micro and developed a new processor, the ARM chip, which was better than the Intel processor, especially when it came to graphics.

The ARM chip came about because Acorn approached Intel to buy the die for their 8286 chip, which they then intended to modify. Intel wouldn’t sell it to them. They eventually invented a processor that didn’t need to run off mains.

Olivetti took control of Acorn in 1985 and he became vice-president for research. In 1988, Dr Hauser founded the Active Book Company which was a predecessor of the iPad. 

In 1997 Dr Hauser started Amadeus Capital with his business partner Anne Glover. As a venture capitalist he has invested in Evonetix, which uses some of the Solexa team to develop gene synthesis.

Acorn Computers produced the BBC Micro which was responsible for a whole generation of software programmers … ARM has revolutionised the mobile phone industry and low cost battery operated products … With Solexa/Illumina I have made a contribution in genetics by reducing the cost of gene sequencing by a factor of 10,000 from $1 million to under $1,000

Interviewed by  Richard Sharpe on 26 April 2018 at the offices of Amadeus Capital.


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