Interview with Geoff Henderson

Geoff Henderson was an IBM’er for 27 years, between 1973 and 2000, joining as a systems engineer and retiring as Region Director Finance Sector, EMEA. Before joining IBM Geoff worked for the Steel Company of Wales from 1960 to ’73, where he headed the team that developed the world’s first-real time shop floor reporting system in the steel industry.

His advice to anyone starting in the industry today is “Find a way of distinguishing yourself.  Every time you meet someone, or whenever you apply for something, say or write something that’s different, about you.  Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Take a position. Have an opinion.”

Geoff Henderson wrote the history of the world’s first production system (shop-floor real-time transaction reporting system) for steel making at the Steel Company of Wales 1965-73. Geoff was the leader of the systems analysis and implementation team. His paper is a hugely important record of the endeavour – from a systems design and implementation viewpoint and with an eye to the social history of its developers and users. Geoff and the team pioneered in many ways: in specialist hardware, in software and even in labour relations.

Today he welcomed Tom Abram to his home in Wales to talk about his life and career.