Interview with Jo Twist OBE

Jo identifies that diversity and inclusion is a huge challenge for the industry, however, she says: “I think the industry, and games industry in particular, is moving with it and we’re adapting and we’re trying to figure out what best practice looks like, how do you recruit in a more open way and inclusive way, how do you go that extra mile to make sure that you’re really trying to skill up the next generation.  And I think in twenty years’ time it’s going to be incredibly interesting to see.”

Chief Executive Officer of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE);
the UK games trade body


University of Edinburgh; MA cultural geography; PhD in online communities

Career History

Creating live webchats, online news coverage and games at BBC Newsround.  Tech journalist for BBC’s News Online.  Commissioning Director for Education at Channel 4, using games to help teenagers understand real life issues such as citizenship, privacy, surveillance and body image.


Jo commissioned Battlefront II, Nom Nation, International Racing Squirrels.


“The games industry is one of the most rewarding careers you can ever have.  Depending on what kind of job you want to go into, there are so many roles, you don’t necessarily need a computer games degree.  You might have one, that’s great, but I think it’s having this broad curiosity and showing these other softer skills and transferrable skills is really key.  If you want to go into a particular technical discipline like art, you need a portfolio.  If you want to actually make games; make some games.  We have free tools like Unreal Engine and Unity, and there’s lots of advice, support and programmes that will help you learn how to make your games.”