Interview with Lisa Powis

“My Dad was one of the first people to use a computer in the business area of insurance in the late ’70s.  At the age of 11 I was fascinated by this large box in the corner of the room and this has led me to my life long love of technology.”

“I am a passionate believer that technology can enhance every aspect of a business especially in the customer experience.”

“We will be launching a crowd funding insure tech platform in 2020, this will give financial and management support in startups, it’s called Insure Angels.”

Lisa Powis was enthralled by IT when at 11 she saw her father use an early computer in his insurance business.  Since then she has been an advocate of the use of IT in business.  She has tried to use IT in all of her roles in the insurance sector, sometimes asking IT to do more than it could given her enthusiasm. Powis is one of the users of IT who have pushed IT’s boundaries and challenged IT suppliers to give business what it needs.  She is now launching a crown-funded investment platform for companies developing IT of the insurance sector.  Today she spent time with Richard Sharpe talking about her life and career.


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