Interview with Lord Kenneth Baker

“I started, in 1982, Information Technology Year, trying to show to the country that Information Technology was going to shape the future and IT was the beginning of advanced telephony, it was the use of computers in schools, it was the use of computers in offices.  Now, today in the Fourth Industrial Revolution it’s going to happen in spades, in all sorts of ways, it’s going to change our society and society has to deal with that.”

“I have developed over the past ten years a new type of college called University Technical College, three state schools from 8.30 – 5.00 every day, with youngsters doing technical subjects two days a week alongside academic subjects.  They are the people who are going to find jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Lord Kenneth Baker is a politician who has had most influence on the UK IT industry.  He was appointed the first minister of IT in 1981 and spent four years promoting IT and the IT industry.  He spoke to Richard Sharpe about ICL, the privatisation of BT, the BBC Micro and much more.  Look out for the full interview in the coming weeks.