Interview with Paul Fullagar

“I believe one shouldn’t just use technology because it’s clever or because it’s new and advanced, one should use technology because it provides solutions and it solves problems and it doesn’t always have to be enormously clever, it just has to work and be efficient, and one can get cluttered by  overworking, over-engineering software and technology rather than keeping it simple.”

Paul Fullagar says he has been a user of IT rather than a developer of IT but he has written applications and run companies developing and selling packages mostly in the financial sector. He qualified in business studies and as a chartered management accountant.   He has written applications in Algol and Fortran IV.  He has helped several ailing software package companies to recover through looking at their overall position with helicopter vision.  He is a business angel in many software and healthcare companies.  Today he sat down with Richard Sharpe to talk about his life and career.