Interview with Professor Cliff Jones

Cliff Jones began working in the computing industry immediately after leaving school in 1961.  Cliff worked at LEO, then at IBM, which he left in 1963 to work for a year each at, first Esso, and then Ford where he began his work in programming and development of compilers.  Unusually, Cliff then moved back to IBM in 1965.  Cliff left industry in 1979 to return to education, completing a DPhil at Oxford University under Turing Award winner, Tony Hoare.   Following this, Cliff took a chair in 1981 at Manchester University and continued work on formal aspects of computing until 1996.  Another brief spell in industry at the small software house, Harlequin, followed.  Cliff came to a professorship at Newcastle University in 1999 where he remained until his retirement in the summer of 2018.