Interview with Professor Michael Mainelli

Professor Michael Mainelli’s life story is a fascinating journey from his early years growing up in Seattle, Washington to becoming Alderman and Sheriff of the City of London.  His Irish mother and Italian father came from lines of engineers and his experience spans computer scientist, accountant, and management consultant.  His education reflects expansive interests, including a Doctorate as a mature student, alongside his busy professional assignments. 

He established City think tank and venture firm Z/Yen in 1994 and Michael has advised on and managed a host of challenging projects, for a multitude of clients from the first complete digital map of the world; to the UK Ministry of Defence commercialising its £100m technology business; and setting up City indices. He recommends small teams to solve big problems and his mass of publications includes bestselling books.

Interview conducted by Richard Sharpe on 25 January 2021 on Zoom.