Interview with Richard Christou

“The three things that I think stand out for me in my career are:

first of all the fact that basically around the year 2000 when I became CEO of ICL I did save the company. If it weren’t for that the company would have been put into liquidation.

The second thing is that I have spent a lot of my life negotiating difficult situations, into commercial contracts, out of commercial contracts and succeeding in turning around some very difficult commercial situations particularly the contract the ICL had with Post Office counters known as Pathway or Horizon.

And I think the third thing is that I started as an in-house council, as a solicitor and I ended up as a global President for a Japanese company and I think that’s a fairly unique journey for one’s career.”

Richard Christou’s career in IT covered working for a telecommunications equipment supplier (STC), saving ICL in 2000, repositioning ICL as part a 100% owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, and running the global computer services arm of Fujitsu.  He started as an in-house lawyer and ended as a Corporate Senior Executive Vice President.  He saved ICL by focusing it on its core of IT services, particularly outsourcing; and bringing in a new business model which focused on customers, abandoning the old matrix structure.  Today he spent time with Richard Sharpe talking about his life and career.