Interview with Roger Marshall

“What I have learned over my 40 years working in IT is that:

You must always expect things to go wrong, work hard to make sure they don’t, but always have a Plan B.

Mostly success is not about using the latest or the best technology but about maintaining good relationships with all the people you have to deal with, both within your organisation at all levels, and also with your suppliers.

Always take a long-term view with regard to outsourcing and other trends – not just the next few years but the really long-term.”

Roger Marshall spent 41 years applying IT to the benefit of local authorities in and around London, a unique career.   He developed applications, managed other developers and managed the IT systems of local authorities as they were tasked with delivering ever more complex services.  These services often relied on new IT applications. Today he spent time with Richard Sharpe discussing his life and very varied career.