Interview with Sir Alan Rudge

“In looking at one or two important aspects of what you bring to the party, technological expertise is important, but if you’re engaged in the management of things it is often a knowledge of understanding that technology rather then being the expert in it and knowing how to interpret it and  how to believe the people that are telling you the story. I think that’s very important.”

Sir Alan Rudge has been called one of the top technical minds in the country.  He took an unconventional path to the top, doing a City and Guilds telecoms technicians course and then a diploma in electrical engineering at a polytechnic.  He worked in the USA, taught at a UK university and then ran the Electrical Research Association.   He was headhunted to run R&D at BT.  He served on the board of GE (UK) and was chairman of the consultancy WS Atkins.  Today he took time out to talk to Richard Sharpe about his life and career.