Lory Thorpe is Quantum Safe lead for IBM, working with clients, partners, competitors, industry associations, standards organisation to bring together the ecosystem of stakeholders that will enable the journey to quantum safe. Supporting the quantum-safe ecosystem through consortia is an integral component of how IBM advances quantum-safe transformation across technology and industry domains and prepare for a quantum safe future.

As a young girl Lory took apart a microwave oven: she wanted to be an engineer and she is one.  She worked for 24 years in the telecoms industry both on the supply side with Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia and with Vodafone.  She moved to IBM in 2021 and is now working on quantum computing helping IBM fulfil its roadmap.  She has a degree is psychology form the Open University.

Lory Thorpe speaks English, Italian, French and Spanish.  She was born in Canada and attended secondary school there then went to Italy and studies IT and Computer Science then Telecommunications Engineering. After a stint as a simultaneous interpreter, she joined Ericsson working in Rome.  She stayed for 13 years and worked on some of the early developments of mobile phones.  She helped pioneer pre-paid and virtual network services. She went to the totally different culture of Huawei as a solution director in the UK.  In three years she grew the business 200%: she was helped by having a colleague, a native Chinese speaker who worked on the internal aspects of her job and she on the external aspects.  She was appointed Head of Internet Things Innovation and Strategy at Vodafone.  She bult a new team in Vodafone and took on, somewhat reluctantly the role of manager.  Her five years there were followed by working for Nokia Software when it was a separate part of the company.  She focused on enterprise software.  She moved to UIBM into a team for the telco sector then into quantum computing.  She says IBM has hit every one of its targets to build a successful quantum computer. 

Lory Thorpe was interviewed by Richard Sharpe for Archives of IT and her full interview should be available next month.

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