Met Office Interviews – Charles Ewen

Charles Ewen, of the Met Office, works at the cutting edge of Tech, enabling one of the, most advanced and capable weather and climate forecasting services in the world. Met Office has been innovating in numerical modelling since before the realisation of the stored programme digital computer and has been a leader in adoption of technology since, from the earliest machines to the most modern.  See Google Arts and Culture for the story that goes back to the first use of arrays of “computors” and mechanical calculators.

Charles joined the RAF as a graduate apprentice straight from school: he gained a Higher National Certificate in Electronic Systems and served in operations and research before joining the private sector as a sales engineer.  He joined the Met Office as the head of Web and media and became director of technology in 2014.  Not surprisingly, Charlie ranks in the Computing Top 100 CIOs and spoke to Richard Sharpe about his career the Met Office and the future vision of supporting researchers and forecasters with super-computing in the Cloud.

Archives of IT will be featuring interviews with Met Office experts on a range of aspects of this world-leading agency.

Charles Ewen on Supercomputing in the Cloud

Charles Ewen on Supercomputing Purpose