Chair, National Centre for Computing Education;
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research (Cambridge UK)


Trinity College, University of Cambridge; BSc Electrical Sciences

Career History

Principal Software Engineer at Beale Electronic Systems; Lecturer in Computer Science at University College London; Professor of Computer Science at Glasgow University.


Simon is recognised for his research in computer programming. With a group of colleagues he developed the Haskell programming language. At Microsoft Research, Simon works on the development of Microsoft Excel.

He started Computing at Schools, an initiative which has campaigned for changes to the way in which computing is taught at schools.


“Find something that you really are enthusiastic about.  Figure out how to make the world a better place and go and try and do that, because you’ll probably be able to.  If you’re working in less marketable or less commercially viable things, you may have trouble getting somebody to pay you to do the things you really want to do, but in computing, you can probably find a way to get somebody to pay you to do the thing that your heart really leads you to.”

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