The growth in the field of the computing, software and services industry has been remarkable in the United Kingdom.

  • According to data from the Office of National Statistics Labour Force Survey presented in the February 2016 report from the Tech Partnership, there were 1.75m people working in the Tech Industry in the UK in 2015 (5% of the overall workforce) out of an estimated 31m people in employment
  • Workers in the Tech Industry tend to be more highly educated than workers in other industries with 62% holding some form of Higher Education qualification. That figure rises to 68% if specialist qualifications are included (e.g., Chartered IT Professional, Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist) compared with an average of 42% across the UK workforce as a whole
  • Workers in the Tech Industry are better paid at 37% higher than the all industry average

Much of the IT employment is in small firms that operate in partnership with others – there are few large employers.

Furthermore, there is growing recent recognition of services activity embracing media, computing services, performing arts and e-commerce as well as the traditional professions. Computing is providing the engine for new entrepreneurial activity which is now seen as a principal component of growth and employment.


“The advancement of education of the public, in particular but not exclusively through the provision and maintenance of a digital archive relating to the development of the information technology & telecommunications industries in the UK”

Purpose and Value of the History

The archive provides a source of information that will be of value to the following audiences:

Educators, Sociologists, Economists, Students, Business Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Government, Journalists and Historians

While the archive focuses on UK individuals it will include those who have a UK connection but nevertheless have worked internationally and provide a basis of potential comparison between the developments in the UK and elsewhere.

The internet and social media design will be targeted at the engagement of young people under the banner:

Capturing the Past, Inspiring the Future”

Individuals Embraced

The archive includes individuals from a wide spectrum of backgrounds who have made an impact through organisational leadership, technological excellence and research and the special application of systems.  The archive includes people from various aspects of the IT industry in business, government, research and academia; criteria for inclusion will include individuals who have played a leadership role either in the larger corporations or in entrepreneurship and the establishment of new businesses or the creation of new techniques and technologies.

Contents of the Archive

The Archive includes audio recordings and selected video of interviews with leaders in the field.  The interviews will explore the influences on individuals of their family, upbringing, education, and entry into the IT field, principal decisions, successes and failures.  The archives will be stored digitally and include relevant digitally scanned or recorded text and other material.  They will be open to all with registration and generally free.

The archive is a record of the growth and changing in the industry, it explores the people, the events, the technology, government policy and societal change that has driven the advance of IT to the point of it being everywhere in our business and personal lives.

If you’d like to find out more or have any questions about the archive please get in touch below:



The Tech Partnership’s industry FactSheet (March 2016)

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