a black and white artwork of the hall of the worshipful company of information technologists, showing the front elevation architecture from various angles
Etched and painted glass montage of the WCIT Hall and surroundings by artist Deborah Sandersley

Archives of IT (AIT) is organising a one-day academic-practitioner forum on the Histories of the Internet in January 2024

The forum is designed to:

    • foster more critical, multidisciplinary perspectives on the history of computers, telecommunications, the internet, and related digital media;
    • illuminate how people, policies, initiatives and other social factors have shaped and are shaping technological developments; and
    • feature talks and panels identifying a variety of competing perspectives on innovations or other key events in the history of information and communication technologies

The forum will run from 10am to 4pm on 9 January 2024 with spaces for up to 50 participants. It will be hosted as a hybrid event at the Livery Hall (images above, copyright WCIT) of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) in the historic Smithfield area of the City of London, with facilities for presenting or joining an audience online.

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