How the sessions will be split

Two of the sessions (4-6 presentations) are expected to focus on specific historical accounts or case studies, such as on:

  • Network Infrastructures, such as presentations on telegraph networks; videotex and pre-internet networks; online services and platforms (ISPs); basic services like e-mail, browsing, search, and Cloud services; particular apps and app stores;
  • Collaboration and Publishing, including blogging and publishing platforms; open source and Linux; online encyclopaedia; social networking platforms (Facebook et al.); crowdsourcing and collaboration tools; or
  • Internet Services, from streaming services, news, e-publishing, online auctions, e-commerce, e-government; payment systems.

A final session (2-3 presentations) is planned around perspectives on the history of the internet:

  • Which seek to challenge internet hype and rhetoric surrounding new technologies and actors.
  • From romantic accounts of heroes and revolutionary innovations to dismissive critiques of scoundrels, bad actors, and technical failures throughout the history of technology.
  • How do various myths and orthodoxies hold up to solid historical evidence and authoritative sources?

Proposals can build on the topics above, but the final programme will be set around the most promising proposals received by the forum’s programme committee, which will initially review abstracts of proposals for papers, panels, or presentations to the forum.

Funded by Sponsorship and Fees

This forum is supported by AIT with additional support from the WCIT. Those selected to present their work at the forum may attend free, but other participants are asked to contribute £50 for the day, which includes a stand-up lunch and post-event networking for those attending in person.

AIT would welcome any additional sponsorship to provide more free spaces at the forum and support for AIT in communicating the results and organising follow-up interviews and events. Email: PR@archivesit.org.com.


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