Interview with Interview with Sir Andrew Hopper

Sir Andrew (Andy) Hopper is a British-Polish computer technologist and entrepreneur who in 1971 studied computer technology at Swansea University gaining a Bachelor of Science degree.

Following this he joined the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in 1974 where he gained a PhD in 1978 in the field of communication networks and worked with Maurice Wilkes to create the Cambridge Ring, an experimental local area network architecture.

In the same year he founded Orbis Ltd, which focused on networking technologies. During this time he worked with Chris Curry and Dr Hermann Hauser, founders of Acorn Computers, and in 1979 Orbis became a division of Acorn.

At Acorn, Hopper designed chips for the BBC Micro and was part of the development of the ARM microprocessor. Hopper became Vice-President of Olivetti in 1985, when it acquired Acorn, and co-founded the Olivetti Research Laboratory the folowing year.

Hopper was a major contributor to the Cambridge Phenomenon (a hub of globally significant companies) with business ventures such as Quodos and Advanced Telecommunication Modules Ltd and Cambridge Broadband, to name a few.

He is a fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Royal Academy of Engineering and in the Queen’s 2021 Birthday honours he was knighted for services to computer technology.

Interviewed by Richard Sharpe on 21 June 2018 at the Royal Society.


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