Interview with Dr Angus Cheong

Angus Cheong is a specialist in methodology, internet research, public consultation, public opinion research, data mining, e-policy strategies and egovernment.

In the early 2000s, Angus saw the potential to use real-time structured and unstructured data analysis to improve the quality of insight from data mining.

Angus was a lecturer focused on developing techniques to take public opinion research beyond conventional surveys and polling and after 13 years in academe, he left university life to set up a data and technology consulting firm – e-Research & Solutions (eRS) focused on data analysis for industry and government using advanced techniques such as AI and machine learning. 

In 2017, this became uMax Data Technology. Angus is still the company’s chief executive, and the business now has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and clients across Asia. He calls their approach “DiVo” (data in value out) in contrast to many previous “GiGo” systems (garbage in, garbage out).  

  • 1997 – studies a Master of Arts in Communications in Hong Kong
  • 2000 – becomes a member of the World Internet Project to which he still contributes research
  • 2003 – was awarded, along with university colleagues, the Elizabeth Nelson Prize by the World Association for Public Opinion Research for their paper: Media’s Routine Contribution to the Symbolic Meaning of National Identity in China.
  • 2009 – founded start-up company e-Research Solutions (ERS) in Macau
  • 2017 – the launch of a second company, uMax Data Technology, in Hong Kong

Interviewed by Jane Bird on 15 November 2022, via Zoom