Interview with Sue Daley

a headshot of a woman wearing a black jacket and black and white top. She is smiling.

I have been recognised in 2019 in the Data IQ 100 list of leading people working in data in the UK.

I regularly helped to advise Gov and businesses on the opportunities and potential of technologies like big data, data analytics and AI and how we in the UK can realise the economic and social opportunities of these technologies. I am helping to lead the digital ethics debate and discussion happening in the UK bringing together industries, academia, politicians, policy makers and civil society to really understand the ethical issues and challenges that the evolving AI world that we all live and work in could have.

I am also, when I’m not working in tech, a bit of a swimmer and swam the English Channel in 2016.

Sue Daley is the big data and AI expert at techUK, the trade body for IT vendors.  She is a leading figure in the development of ethics for the digital world.  Her aim is to build a culture of trust and confidence between all the parties providing and handling data.  She began her career in government relations, representing clients to government and parliament.  She was a senior policy advisor at the Confederation of British Industry where she helped run the CBI’s EBusiness Council.  She worked for five years for Symantec, the IT security expert company.   In 2019 she was voted one of the UK’s top 100 experts on big data and today she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Richard Sharpe about her life and career.