Dr. A. Michael Noll

Dr Noll has been active in the Internet and Computing industries for over 60 years and a theme of this conversation is that there is nothing new under the sun. Michael is an entertaining speaker and a great communicator: I am indebted for his kind and clear explanation that his birthplace of “Nork, New Jersey” is not be linguistically confused with our town of “New-Ark on Trent.”

He started his career with an incisive paper in 1961 about the opportunities and dangers that computers might bring and has seen much of it come to pass. Michael’s career has spanned a huge range of technologies and it is fascinating to see that many big ideas were conceived in the very early days of commercial computing but had to wait to realise their potential. Michael, for his PhD, built a haptic or force-feedback device (and patented the concept) 50 years ago and still has a vision of how more could (and will) be done with the technology. He can cite at lease two false starts to the realisation of what we now know as the Internet, to which he made his own contributions as well as being an acute observer of its potential and use.

Michael is an outstanding scholar, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, an enthusiast for the Arts, including his own role in them, and a world-renowned pioneer of Digital Computer Art.

Eva Pascoe

Eva Pascoe was co-founder of Cyberia, the first Internet café in London, in1994. During her career, Eva pioneered women’s participation in online business, online secure payments, e-commerce fashion solutions, and electronic customer relationship management. She is currently the chair of Cybersalon.org, a non-profit digital think tank she co-founded in 1997. She works with a retail practice, developing strategies for large and small international retail companies supporting young fashion brands with women founders, like Bluebella.com and Thefoldlondon.com. In 1995, jointly with Gene Teare, she was awarded the Sunday Times Technology Award.