60 years of progress for women in Tech

In the 1966 the Met Office was using the English Electric KDF9 (Lyons Electronic Office) computer installation pictured here in its former headquarters at Bracknell

Analysing the oral histories of three female leaders in Tech born across nearly 60 years, Sophia Ahmed, a volunteer for AIT, who graduated two years ago in humanities, offers her assessment of some of the issues for women in IT.  Sophia suggests that while there has been significant change within the technology and IT sector, there are still barriers and challenges when entering and progressing within the industry.

The IT and Technology revolution has transformed life. Over the course of the last 100 years many inspiring individuals have been responsible for, and have encouraged, the technological revolution. Over the course of the same period, the UK has simultaneously seen significant societal change, no less with the increasing emancipation of the role and status of women. This article combines these two areas by focusing on just a few of the many inspiring women who broke down the societal barriers of the working world, whilst pursuing their own careers in the IT industry.


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