The Butler Cox Foundation operated from 1977 to 1991 advising IT Director subscribers on issues in technology and systems through newsletters, reports and conferences.  220 newsletters, reports and conference proceedings, collected here, offer unparalleled insight into IT and communications in this period.

Together, the publications track the dramatic advance of information technology in a period when the technology moved out of the closeted world of ‘computing’ or ‘data processing’ into communications, office systems and publishing.  It heralded the world of the PC, e-mail, the mobile phone and the Internet.

Butler Cox plc (originally Butler Cox and Partners Ltd) was an independent consulting and research company formed in 1977 by David Butler and George Cox along with five colleagues, specialising in the strategic application of information technology.  It served both major users and leading suppliers of that technology. Much of the work was concerned with identifying and explaining the nature and significance of new developments. The company’s principal research service was the Butler Cox Foundation, which grew to nearly 500 members, all of which were major corporations, drawn from every sector.  As an illustration of its influence, its membership in the UK included 19 of the top 20 FTSE companies.  As well as influencing the uptake of technology by leading users and the product offerings of major suppliers, the findings of the Foundation research were communicated to the UK Government on numerous occasions and had a bearing on public policy.